How Should I Practice?

To make more lasting improvements as a golfer, there are four different levels of practice that one must employ when making change in your swing. These different levels will maximize how effective and efficient practice time is.

Practice Level One

When beginning to make a change in your swing, you will be learning new positions that may be uncomfortable at first. Stretching regularly and increasing flexibility will help your body not feel as uncomfortable when learning these new positions. Start by practicing repetitions without a ball or a golf club–this can easily be done at your home. This is teaching your body muscle memory of your swing changes without forcing your brain to focus on other things like making contact with a ball or controlling a club.

Practice Level Two

In the second level of practice, you will build on level one. Start working on your swing changes with a club in your hand. At this level, we’re just taking dry swings and not hitting balls yet. Hitting golf balls will only become a distraction at this level and should be avoided to achieve full efficiency.

Practice Level Three

Now it is time to start hitting balls. Start with a small bucket of balls and spend more time than usual at the range.  Take 5 swings without a ball, and then hit a shot. 5 without, hit a shot, and so on. This will be tedious, however, you will be narrowing the gap between the swing changes and the golf shot. Stay disciplined at this level. Keep the proper cycle.

Practice Level Four

Full range practice. At this level, you should not have to think about any type of mechanical movement, only the shots you plan to hit on the course. What distances will you hit each shot and what direction will they go?

How Good Do You Want to Be?

Now you are on your way!  Remember, anytime you make a major change, you will need to start at the beginning of the cycle again. Consult your local PGA Professional at Precision Golf Academy to define what type of drills or changes you will need and develop an individualized improvement plan.

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