Have you and your Certified Personal Coach been working on the same thing for longer than you care to admit? Do you regularly practice the drills and swings your coach prescribes but not see the desired change you are looking for? Do you sometimes feel like you’ll NEVER get this game? If you answered yes to any of these, the problem may not relate to your effort or skill level but may indicate a physical limitation preventing you from achieving the desired position.  In other words, in spite of all your effort, the problem may be that your body simply won’t let you get to the position you are trying for. The reality is all of us have physical limitations; even the best players in the world have physical issues that limit their ability to swing the club the way they want to. The good news is there are plenty of corrective programs you can take advantage of, many of which can be done in the privacy of your own home that will not cost you a small fortune.

When it comes to golf fitness the two keys are mobility and stability. Mobility and stability are essential if you are to swing the club properly while generating maximum clubhead speed. Mobility refers to muscular flexibility and range of motion and is critical for creating the proper swing and preventing injury. Stability is your body’s ability to remain aligned or unchanged against the forces created during the golf swing. A lack of either of these throughout your body will force you to make compensations and adjustments that present themselves as swing flaws. For example, limited mobility in your hips and lower back makes it difficult to move your upper and lower body independently from one another. The result of this problem can cause many swing flaws including an excessive hip turn at the top and the dreaded outside-in swing path that leads to pulls and slices. Another common problem we see is a swaying or lateral movement of the lower body in the backswing. Poor internal hip rotation and instability in your glute muscles both limit your ability to laterally stabilize your right leg on the backswing.  

So if you think you have physical issues limiting your progress and want to do something about it where do you start? For starters talk to your PGA Professional at Precision Golf Academy he or she can recommend an appropriate course of action which will likely include an assessment of your current situation. You’ll be amazed at the progress you see and how much easier it is to achieve the swing changes you are working on.

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