Do You Have a Club You Avoid Using?

By: Ari Johnson

Do you avoid a certain club in your bag because it can’t be trusted? Did you know the shaft flex in your set of factory-made irons could vary from a stiff flex all the way down to a ladies flex? Isn’t that scary?

The Problem

At Precision Golf Academy, we specialize in instruction, golf fitness, club fitting and club repair. A client brought in his bag because he “hated” his pitching wedge and didn’t know why. We put his clubs on our shaft analyzer to find the true flex of all of his clubs. Each club should be approximately four cycles-per-minute apart. So for example, if you purchased stiff flex irons, and your 9-Iron is 328 CPM, your pitching wedge should be reading at 324 CPM. After reading the CPM of all the shafts in our client’s bag, we found that his 9-Iron was reading at 328 CPM and his pitching wedge was reading at 311—wow! That’s 17 cycles different!

What does this mean exactly? It means his 9-Iron is a stiff flex, while his pitching wedge is a senior flex. That’s a significant flex difference between clubs!

The Fix

We re-shafted his pitching wedge so that it has a stiff shaft with a four-cycle difference to his 9-Iron and he now notices the flex of the club to perform identical to his other clubs. Watch Tim Krumow, PGA-Certified Master Club Fitter and Master Club Repair Professional show you why you may harbor negative feelings toward a certain club in your bag. Swing on into Precision Golf Academy so we can provide you with some answers today.

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