Why Do I Need Golf Lessons? 

By: Ari Johnson

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginning, average or tour-level golfer, you should be taking lessons.

Beginning Golfers

As a beginner, it is almost imperative you take lessons. You will pick up the game quicker and it will be more fun for you in the long run. Golf is where networking takes place, where business deals are made, where friendships grow, and where memories are made. Let’s make good memories, not ones that remind you that you’re not even close to average.

Also, let’s be honest. You’ve probably already spent a lot of money on clubs, a bag, golf balls, nice clothes and green fees. Why not spend a little more to not just walk-the-walk, but also talk-the-talk?

If you fear lessons are out of your budget, we offer a variety of lesson packages that lower the cost per lesson by booking in bundles.

Average Golfers

Looking to break 90 regularly?

The fastest way to break 90 on a regular basis is to master the short game. Short game doesn’t require a lot of strength; therefore, it is something that will keep your scores low even into your golden years.

Keep in mind that golf is an investment. It is a game that you will be playing well into your later years in life. How many football or baseball players have 40+ year playing careers? None. I am 26 years old, which means God-willing, I will be playing golf for 40 more years—a 42-year career? Not bad. Because golf is a game that stays with us and evolves with our bodies, it’s imperative that we invest in it and take lessons to maintain our level of play throughout every stage of our life cycles. Mastering the short game is only the first step.

Book a lesson to take our Short Game Test, which will specifically identify your short game strengths and areas for opportunity. We will test your pitching, putting, chipping and bunkers from several distances and turf conditions to identify a baseline and develop a plan tailored specifically for you, to change the level of your game.

You may be wondering if you need a putter or wedge fitting…the answer is yes. Do you buy a suit off the rack and wear it as is? I certainly hope not. Your game can only grow so much if your equipment doesn’t fit you. Come see Tim Krumnow, our master club fitter, to get into the proper equipment before signing up for short game lessons from us.

Elite Golfers

Looking to get to the next level? The Champions Tour, an amateur tour or the PGA Tour may not be too far out of reach. All tour professionals practice every day for 6-8 hours and work with their instructor on a regular basis.

Good news for you: we offer a Club Champion Package. For $500 per month, this package includes weekly lessons, 50 indoor practice sessions, a ball fitting, a woods fitting, an irons fitting, a putter fitting, a yardage chart to attach to your bag for your reference while playing, a dozen OnCore Elixr balls, a glove, and a 10-percent discount on all clubs and club services purchased in-house ($8,240 Value for $6,000).

When you’re ready, we’re here for you.

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