Do I Need Custom Fit Clubs?

By Juan Ramirez

Do I need custom fit clubs? Short answer: Yes, you do!

Having a properly fitted set is almost more important than a lesson.

For example: Let’s say you want a fade, but your “old set” caused you to draw. You’re using the factory lie angles and worked with your golf instructor but aren’t seeing any results. The problem may not be you, but rather the clubs!

Having an incorrect lie can cause the ball “at impact” to favor a direction.

There are many characteristics to a club that contribute to its performance. The more experienced players can manipulate or adapt to a club’s specifications. However, newer or higher-handicap players, need a full-bag fitting and lessons.

Overall, an incorrect club can be inconsistent. If the flex is too firm or to soft, distance control will suffer. The lie of a club can dictate an unfavorable direction or emphasize a ball flight.

If your grip is too small, you may overpower the club with your hands by “turning it over.” If it’s too big, you may not be able to achieve your maximum club head speed. Then you have club head choices, if you’re a beginner a “blade” head type may be too hard to hit and if you’re experienced, a “forgiving” head type may not provide any feel.

A golf club is an extension of you. Seeing a club fitter is a must at any level. As we change and age, our swing changes.

Some key things to remember when seeing a fitter and knowing if your fitter is knowledgeable:
• It should take more than an hour and cover: grip, head type, length, lie, and shafts
• Ask questions about the numbers and what they mean
• Let the fitter know what you trying to achieve
• If your fitting specifications happen to be in stock and on sale…run!

If you’re ready to play golf to the best of your abilities, come see me at Precision Golf Academy to schedule your club fitting!

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