Do I Need Custom Fit Clubs?

Do I Need Custom Fit Clubs? By Juan Ramirez Do I need custom fit clubs? Short answer: Yes, you do! Having a properly fitted set is almost more important than a lesson. For example: Let’s say you want a fade, but your “old set” caused you to draw. You’re using the...

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Three Ways to Improve Your Putting!

Three Ways to Improve Your Putting By: Juan Ramirez Improved putting is where you will really start to see strokes falling off your scorecard. Drive for Show, Putt for Dough isn’t a crazy golfer saying, it's reality. Almost anyone can stand up at the tee box and hit a...

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Why Do I Need Golf Lessons?

Why Do I Need Golf Lessons?  By: Ari Johnson It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginning, average or tour-level golfer, you should be taking lessons. Beginning Golfers As a beginner, it is almost imperative you take lessons. You will pick up the game quicker and it will...

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Do You Have a Club You Avoid Using?

Do You Have a Club You Avoid Using? By: Ari Johnson Do you avoid a certain club in your bag because it can't be trusted? Did you know the shaft flex in your set of factory-made irons could vary from a stiff flex all the way down to a ladies flex? Isn’t that scary? The...

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Golf Fitness

Golf Fitness Winter is coming, which means lots of holiday temptations. Are you trying to reduce the holiday damage or are you trying to work on long-lasting fitness and overall wellness that will shave shots off your scorecard and inches off your body? Have you and...

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How Should I Practice?

How Should I Practice? To make more lasting improvements as a golfer, there are four different levels of practice that one must employ when making change in your swing. These different levels will maximize how effective and efficient practice time is. Practice Level...

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