Memberships & Lesson Packages

Golf Lessons that are Proven to Work

Regardless of your playing ability or goals for improvement, we have a membership or a lesson package to fit your game. From players looking to break 100 for the first time to players looking to make the jump from the mini-tours to the PGA Tour, our coaches and state-of-the-art training facility can help to reach your full playing potential.

Annual Memberships

This is our most popular and comprehensive package. Our Annual Membership Package allows you to experience instruction, practice, and playing like a Tour Pro. Unlimited lessons, practice, and play utilizing our facility, just like being a Tour Pro and a country club member. Includes complete bag fitting, distance caddy, short game analysis and playing lesson. (Limited to 1 lesson & 18 hole sim. round per day)

Full-Swing Analysis

This is the best way to improve the mechanics of your golf swing quickly. The program starts with a club fitting, followed by six individual 30-minute lessons covering: setup, the start of the backswing, at the top, the transition, impact, follow-through and finish. A supervised practice session follows each lesson. Then use the distance caddy and go for a 9-hole playing lesson. 

Playing Lesson

Have you ever wanted to play with a golf professional and have your game analyzed? This on-course session shows you a better way to think your way around the golf course. Recommend mental game techniques to improve the way you play. Improving your mental game and course management is the path to consistent scoring and better tournament play.

Putter Fitting

We will properly fit you using the Henry-Griffitts Fit-2-Aim™ system. This session includes one follow-up session and an optional custom-fitted putter.

Total Game Improvement

This package includes the Total Swing Improvement Program, short game analysis and putter fitting. If you are totally committed to game improvement this is for you. Commit to us, and we commit to you by giving you an upgraded package that includes an 18-hole playing lesson and 10 individual 30-minute lessons for six months. 

Short Game Analysis

Focused practice on shots inside 60 yards is the fastest way to lower your handicap. Using a Tour proven short game testing method, we analyze your putting, chipping, pitching and sand play. We then create a custom improvement plan based on your areas that need improvement. This is a 2-3 hour outdoor practice area session.

Distance Caddy

Using the ZelocityTM PureContact or the Trackman Launch Monitor, we will show you exactly how far you hit each of your clubs and give you a printout you can attach to your golf bag for reference.

Junior Golf Programs

Starting golf at a young age builds more than a good golf game. In addition to teaching the fundamentals of golf, our junior programs are designed to teach respect, discipline and confidence for all of our young golfers.

Indoor Practice Sessions

This program includes unlimited practice using our video system and the aid of an instructor. Our instructor will get you set up in a practice bay and check on you to ensure you are practicing correctly. These sessions are one hour long and can be booked up to 3 times per week.

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