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Our instructors have more than 50 years in the golf industry combined and are PGA-Certified, Trackman, Swing Catalyst, BodiTrack, and K-Vest certified! Tim and Juan are the best in the business and are genuinely excited to help you enjoy golf and achieve your goals!



Before beginning a lesson package, you will do a Full Game Assessment. It is a 90-minute, comprehensive assessment of your full game from putter to driver. It will help us highlight strengths and identify areas you may need to improve.

This assessment allows us to have an open dialogue with you and create a custom plan for your improvement–based around the results of the assessment and your goals.



Upon your arrival, your instructor will greet you and begin a discussion about the areas of your game that you currently view as weaknesses. After you warm-up, you will begin a 21-shot test that will evaluate your abilities from distances of 20 yards to driver. This will help us create a shot pattern and identify trouble areas.

We will then move to the putting assessment to test your proficiency with aim, angles, distance and speed control. Lastly, we will do a wedge bounce test and check your loft and lie angles to make sure you don’t have any distance gaps in your wedges.

Throughout the process, we will assess your set of equipment and check your iron lie angles. This will allow us to incorporate a club fitting analysis to ensure your equipment is properly fit for you and see if it is a contributing factor that’s hindering your performance.

At the end of the assessment, you will have an open dialogue with your instructor about the results. Now we can create a custom plan for improvement based on your previous discussion of your goal partnered with the new information we have acquired from your Full Game Assessment.



At the end of your assessment, you get to take home:

  • Your full report card and custom improvement plan
  • Instructors notes and recommendations
  • Report card and shot pattern from 21-shot combine
  • Information you need to make an educated decision about how to best proceed to reach your goals!



You and your instructor will discuss your custom plan for improvement based on the results of your assessment and your goals! Then, you will set a lesson and practice schedule with your instructor and start playing better golf!

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