Lesson Packages


We provide golf lessons for people of all skill levels. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned golfer that is looking to improve their game, or you are a beginner who has never played a full game of golf before. We customize a specialized lesson plan that allows you to efficiently reach your goals.


I retired five years ago and began lessons with a national firm.  It took them two years to cure my over-the-top early release, but my lower body barely moved and my swing was still steep.  They couldn’t communicate the lower body move and, over the next three years, apparently stopped trying. It’s one thing to say what to do; it’s another to communicate how.

In only three lessons, Jayde showed me how to engage my lower body in a way I could implement.

Swing speeds are already up, and I have no doubt ball-striking and my game will noticeably improve over the next few months. With your help, I feel my goals are in reach. Jack Benton

I had a lesson to fix up my swing a little bit. Tim was the professional that helped me and he was able to give me a lot of things to try in order to better my game. The facility made excellent use of the 3D monitoring to show you exactly how you’re swinging and what you need to fix. I would definitely do this again and would recommend to someone looking to become a better golfer. Travis Watson

Within 24 hours Tim fixed my putting and Jayde used 3D monitoring to sort out my full swing. Friendly staff that know their stuff!! Chris Mulgrew

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