Regardless of your playing ability or goals for improvement, we have a membership or a lesson package to fit your game. From players looking to break 100 for the first time to players looking to make the jump from the mini-tours to the PGA Tour, our coaches and state-of-the-art training facility can help to reach your full playing potential. All of our instructors are certified K-Motion, Trackman and Swing Catalyst certfied to help you achieve your best.



We utilize K Motion formly known as K Vest which has advanced 3D software that lets you train your perfect swing. With audio and visual feedback we can set live to the positons your training to achieve and create feels basic on the data shown. Our 3D certified K Motion instructors can use the data to help you understand your swing more to not only hit it further but consistently straighter. 

We can create unique biofeedback programs that marry your swing principles with the science behind the swing to create better outcomes and higher rention with learning.

The Chris Aoki Putter Fitting Method

Fit2Aim uses Chris Aoki Putter Fitting Method for individual golfers one design feature at a time.  Six design features of the putter are determined by using our Fit2Aim interchangeable system. Finding a putter with all the right specifications to set up for a good stroke and improve aim is difficult to develop and memorize.  The research has been done for you to get the criteria you need for a custom-fit putter. We utilize this putting system to find the best putter for you.

Club Fitting & Club Repair 

We offer all of the following services:

  • Grip Installation
  • Complete Club Assembley
  • Shaft Installation
  • Change Broken Shafts
  • Lenghten/Shorten Clubs
  • Shaft Frequency Testing
  • Shaft Spining
  • Adjust Loft & Lie
  • Stamp & Paint Fill
  • Grind Bounce or Remove Nicks
  • Regroove

We have Master Club fitters on staff who can assist you with any club repair or custom fitting. We custon fit in house with our fitting system to make sure your, length and lie angle match your needs. A custom fitting can be one of the most valuble approaches to take to your game. We encourage this is one of the first things you do before taking any lessons. 


The introduction of TrackMan 4 is the culmination of a three-year journey which began as an initiative to design and engineer the most powerful and accurate Launch Monitor ever built. The outcome is Dual Radar Technology – a radical transformation in the way radar technology is applied in golf today. Using two radar systems instead of one to obtain maximum data quality and increased pick up rates. 

Data delivered in its purest form. 


Designed to address the core biomechanics & concepts about how a golfer uses the ground – but also immediate ideas for application in golf instruction.

The video-based course is all online, and accredited by the major PGA associations.


TOMI is a great practice tool for amateurs and a necessary tool for all Golf Professionals who are serious about taking their coaching to another level.

There is a simple yet comprehensive Help file included in the software, which will give you the necessary information in order to effectively analyse the information.

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